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The Longest Way Home | Vatican City and Canada


By Antonio Denti

Published April 2023

In April 2022, it was quite something to see Indigenous Canadians, proud in their costumes, under Bernini's colonnade at the Vatican waiting to meet the Pope. When the impressive monument was being built in 1600, their colonial catastrophe was starting. It was also quite something only a few months later to see the aging Pope, in deep pain due to a troubled knee, travelling to Canada's desolate plains, to the Arctic frontier, to the sacred lakes, to the ancestral lands to say: “I am sorry.” Systemic change may have started then as the beginning of a difficult path of reconciliation in the scarred lands.

Antonio Denti

Sicilian-born Antonio Denti is an award-winning news cameraman, in love with still photography. A Reuters staff video journalist for over 20 years, he covered conflict in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon. His award-winning still pictures have been featured in various international online photography publications. He believes that visual story-telling can help counter the contemporary tendency towards results-focused, standardized journalism, creating more authentic, respectful narratives.

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