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Cease Fire Now!


Ian Flanders

Published April 2024

‘Cease Fire Now!’ is an intimate portrait series from an ongoing photo documentation of the ‘United for Palestine’ rallies in Sydney Australia.

What is truly revealing about this project is the endearing handwritten messages from the participants. These messages are written by each participant onto a notepad at the protest, then the text is overlaid around their portrait, giving them ownership of the narrative.

Their words allow the viewer to have a human connection while they plead for the world to stop the slaughter in Gaza.

Over twenty weeks I met new people, good people. This is them, in their own words.

Cease Fire Now! Cease Fire Now!

Ian Flanders

Ian Flanders is a self-taught documentary photographer from Australia currently based in Sydney. Ian seeks to challenge himself and others with what he captures through his lens. He attempts to engage and confront his viewers with the often harsh reality in his photographs.

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