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Dreams From the War

Catania, Sicily, Italy

By Giuseppe Scianna

Published May 2024

Nearly twenty percent of Ukraine's population of 38 million fled their country when the war started in February 2022. Of the 6.5 million who fled, 90% were women and children. Thanks to humanitarian aid from Italy, about 15 Ukrainians from Rzeszow have been brought to Catania, Sicily. The war in Ukraine has deeply influenced the lives of Ukrainian women, in the areas of both tradition and politics. The traditional perception of war as a male affair has been challenged by many women worldwide, including Ukrainian women. Many women have faced the war and its consequences in various ways, demonstrating active engagement through forms of resistance and support, both within their communities and through local and international organizations. Numerous Ukrainian women have found themselves facing the harsh reality of raising their children alone due to the loss of their husbands or the destruction of family ties. Many of them have taken on new roles to compensate for the loss of family income, and are facing challenges associated with relocating to a new country, such as communication with the local population, integration, and access to medical care. These challenges can pose risks to the mental and physical health of children.

Giuseppe Scianna

'Born in 1999, Giuseppe Scianna is a freelance photographer based in Sicily. He graduated from the Italian Photography Academy and specializes in documentary photography and social reportage. His work primarily focuses on Sicily, with particular attention to social issues such as abandoned communities on the outskirts of cities and environmental pollution. He prefers medium to long-term projects that allow him to uniquely delve into the topics he addresses. He has collaborated with various NGOs, producing reportages both in Italy and abroad of varying durations. In 2022, he was awarded the third prize in the Lifestyle category at the Sony World Photography Awards. His images have been published in numerous national and international magazines. In January 2024, he was selected as a finalist in the Leica competition with the series "Day Life". ' 

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