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La Caravana Del Diablo


by Ada Trillo

Published November 2023

In January 2020, Honduran citizens formed a migrant caravan due to violence and poor economic conditions. They traveled through Guatemala and into Mexico, but their journey was met with challenges. Upon crossing the Suchiate River into Mexico, they encountered the newly established Guardia Nacional, deployed by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in response to threats of tariffs from the Trump administration. This marked a reversal of López Obrador's previous support for migrant’s safe passage.

The caravan split into two groups upon attempting to enter Mexico. The larger group was met with tear gas and forced to retreat to the riverbank. After a second unsuccessful attempt, they were apprehended by the Guardia Nacional and returned to Honduras on buses. The smaller group entered into Guatemala, but they were ultimately detained and deported without the opportunity to seek asylum.

Since the election of President Biden, there has been a renewed movement of asylum seekers. However, the upcoming 2024 presidential elections suggest continued border conflict, with politicians from both parties engaging in disputes rather than offering long-term human rights and social justice solutions.

Ada Trillo

Ada Trillo is a first-generation, Queer Mexican American artist who combines documentary and fine art elements in her photography.

A native of the US-Mexican border raised in the Juarez-El Paso binational metroplex, her work is informed by a deep interest in national and metaphorical borders and modernization processes. She has focused on walls of inclusion and exclusion, such as forced prostitution, climate, and violence-related international migration, and US internal exclusions resulting from long-standing barriers of race and class.

Trillo's goal is to bring attention to the impact of these borders on exploited and marginalized people and amplify their voices.

Trillo's work has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, Vogue, Smithsonian Magazine, and Mother Jones, among other publications. She was also awarded The Me & Eve Grant with the Center of Photographic Arts in Santa Fe and received First Place in editorial with the Tokyo International Foto Awards. Trillo has exhibited nationally and internationally in New York City, Philadelphia, Luxembourg, England, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Trillo holds degrees from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and Drexel University in Philadelphia and is a member of Diversify Photo.

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