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Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Veracruz, Mexico

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez

Published April 2024

This work presents the story of the resilience and survival of men who suffered from sexual abuse during their childhood. In different scenarios, times, and spaces, these men narrate how they have been able to survive a world that turned its back on them forcing them to live, on many occasions, in a silence that caused wounds that have not yet healed or that have taken a long time to close. Their stories confirm that in Mexico, children were prey to predators and had a system that did not take children into account when prosecuting justice and where, for reasons of a cultural nature, families seem to prefer to hide and silence their children who were victims. In this story, we aim to break that silence and try to seek justice.

Adolfo Quintanar Pérez

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez was born in Mexico City in 1990. He is a freelance archaeologist and documentary photographer dedicated to covering stories about cultural identity and conflict for national and international media. His work has been exhibited in more than 10 countries and is represented by the international agency Getty Images. As a photographer, he has covered Latin America, the United States, Peru, Ukraine, and Ethiopia among others.

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