LiveZEKE Sponsorship

SDN and ZEKE magazine are developing a new experience in visual storytelling called LiveZEKE that will bring the subjects of a documentary into direct live video conferencing with the viewers of a documentary.


No longer are documentary subjects passive participants in explorations of their world. With LiveZEKE, they now become active participants by engaging with audiences directly.


We will be presenting a pilot version of LiveZEKE at the Photoville photography festival in Brooklyn, NY, September 21-25, 2016. (Yes, this September!) And we are asking for your support to make this successful.


Sponsorship Levels

Sponsors will receive recognition in the exhibit at Photoville, on the websites of SDN and ZEKE magazine, and in the print version of ZEKE magazine, commensurate with your level of support.


Platinum:          $1000

Gold:                    $500

Selenium:            $250

Silver:                  $100

Archival Inkjet:     $50

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SDN and ZEKE magazine are projects of Reportage International Inc., a nonprofit organization incorporated in Massachusetts in 2020.

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