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Fall 2022 Issue
The America Issue


For eight years, ZEKE magazine has been publishing stories about the global human condition, but rarely has that involved the United States. Clearly the U.S. is part of the global community and we need to look at ourselves as much as we critically look at other parts of the world. The fall 2022 issue of ZEKE focuses on “America” and takes inspiration from Robert Frank's seminar work, The Americans, published first in 1958 in France and the following year in the U.S.

Highlights include:

  • What Has Been Will Be Again by Jared Ragland

  • COVID-19 in Black America by Raymond W Holman Jr.

  • This is What Democracy Looks Like by Jean Ross

  • Arming Teachers in America by Kate Way

  • White Nationalism by Anthony Karen

  • First Nations: Portraits of Dancers and Wisdom Keepers by Jeanny Tsai

Also included:

  • Essay by Stephen Mayes on Who We Are: Photography and the American Experience

  • Interview with photographer Donna Ferrato by Michelle Bogre

  • Book Reviews

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