Photo by Ruti Alon

The Roma & Traveller Issue of ZEKE Magazine

Guest-edited by Jonathan Lee
Communications Coordinator, European Roma Rights Centre, Brussels

This special issue of ZEKE magazine tells the story of European Roma and  Travellers. Through remarkable photography and writing, this issue of ZEKE explores the culture, the centuries of discrimination, the strength through community and family, and the achievements despite many obstacles. From Ireland, to France,  Italy, Romania and other countries throughout Europe, this issue of ZEKE make real the daily lives, and daily struggles of Europe's  largest, least understood and most often discriminated ethnic minority.

  • Eight portfolios, 58 pages, of photographs of European Roma and Travellers

  • History of Romani People by Damian La Bas

  • Education Denied: Why Romani Children Don't Finish School by Margareta Matache

  • Reconsidering Koudelka's "Gypsies" by Michelle Bogre

  • Interview with Roma photographer Artur Conka

  • Book reviews & more


Along the Highway

Photographs by Emeric Fohlen


Irish Travellers in County Cashel and Tipperary

Photographs by Michele Zousmer


No Happiness Without Children—Nane Chavem, Nane Bacht

Photographs by Jeannette Gregori


Photographs by Chad Evans Wyatt, Text by Mary Evelyn Porter

Irish Travellers: Unwelcome in Their Own Land
Photographs by Stephen Gerard Kelly

A Roma Village in Rural Romania
Photographs by Ruti Alon


Czech and Slovak Roma on the Margins
Photographs by Åke Ericson


Lives on the Edge
Photographs by Carla Fiorina

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