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Photo by Sheikh Rajibul Islam

ZEKE magazine seeking writers for fall 2019 issue

ZEKE: The Magazine for Global Documentary is seeking writers for its upcoming fall issue. Each issue of ZEKE presents three photo-driven stories on global issues that are accompanied by 1,000-word essays exploring each issue in greater depth.


ZEKE is published twice a year in print and digital by the Social Documentary Network. Past issues have explored global warming, refugees and migration, sexual violence, life and war in Ukraine, maternal health in Africa, the wars in Iraq and Syria, and other issues of global concern.


Writers must have journalism experience or experience interviewing experts and incorporating testimony in final piece. The essays are not opinion pieces but rather are information-driven and drawn from reliable sources.


We will be ready to assign actual articles by June 27 and would need three week turn around for first draft. Compensation is  $350 per 1,000 word article.


To view past issues of ZEKE magazine, click here:


Interested candidates should send letter, resume, and writing samples to:

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