Photo by Sheikh Rajibul Islam

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ZEKE is doing what we all want and need — publishing great photography about important global issues by both established and emerging photographers from all corners of the world.     

Ed Kashi, VII photographer

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Spring 2017 issue includes features on

  • Iran by Iranians
    Photos by Azad Amin, Saeed Kiaee, Mehdi Nazeri, Sadegh Souri

  • Between Life & Death: Maternal Health in Haiti and Sub-Saharan Africa
    Photos by B.D. Colen, Nikki Denholm, Paolo Patruno

  • Toy Soldiers: Rising Nationalism Among Youth in Russia
    Photos by Sarah Blesener

  • Interview with Turkish Photographer Furkan Temir

  • Can Photography Make a Difference: Interview with Vicki Goldberg, Amy Yenkin, Ruddy Roye, Donna Ferrato, Michelle Bogre, and others