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How to check your subscription status with ZEKE using our Secure Find My Subscription tool

This service will only work with a desktop computer. 

This tool is 100% secure because it only shows a street address without any identifying name, city or state.

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the table below.

  • Type in any part of your street address. You can type number, street name, or both.

  • The table will highlight any addresses that match. You may need to use the down arrow to locate your particular record.

  • When you locate your record, look in the subscriptions column to see your current subscription status.

  • If "F23" does not appear in your record, this means that your subscription is expired.
    Please click here to renew.

Click icon below to

search for your address

S=Spring      F=Fall

F23  is the Fall 2023 issue. If this appears in your record, your subscription is current and there is no action needed on your part. If F23 does not appear in  your record, your subscription is expired. 

If you cannot find your address, try typing one word rather than the full address. If your address has a common word, such as Main Street, you will need to press the arrows in the find tool to find your particular address.

Since we are only presenting street address, without any other identifying information, your address is secure.

If you cannot find your address, or if you have any questions about using this feature or questions about your subscription, please feel free to contact us at

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