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Your support matters as we enter our second decade of telling truth.


For 12 years, SDN has been reaching out to documentary photographers from around the world to tell stories and show images that are not seen elsewhere—images of real people experiencing the real joys and struggles of daily life. Stories that matter.

We started out as a website in 2008 and, in 2015, began publishing ZEKE magazine twice a year allowing us to present visual stories in a print form with greater in-depth writing about the issues presented.

Some of the stories we have presented on SDN and in ZEKE include the migration and refugee crisis, the war in Syria, women in the workplace, climate change and global warming, maternal health in Africa and Haiti, and Life in Vietnam today,

SDN and ZEKE magazine are now nonprofit. In July 2020, we created a new organization—Reportage International—to be the parent nonprofit organization of both SDN and ZEKE. Donations made directly to SDN, ZEKE, or Reportage International are tax-deductible and support our work in promoting global awareness and understanding through photography.

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