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Fall 2022

Published by the Social Documentary Network


FALL 2022 Vol. 8/No. 2                            


ZEKE is published by Social Documentary Network (SDN), a nonprofit organization promoting visual storytelling about global themes. Started as a website in 2008, today SDN works with thousands of photographers around the world to tell important stories through the visual medium of photography. Since 2008, SDN has featured more than 4,000 exhibits on its website and has had gallery exhibitions in major cities around the world. All the work featured in ZEKE first appeared on the SDN website,


Executive Editor: Glenn Ruga

Editor: Barbara Ayotte

Photo Editor and Diversity Advisor: Lisa DuBois

Book Review Editor: Michelle Bogre

Writer: Daniela Cohen


Reportage International, Inc. Board of Directors

Glenn Ruga, President

Eric Luden, Treasurer

Barbara Ayotte, Secretary

Michelle Bogre

Lisa DuBois

John Heffernan
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SDN and ZEKE magazine are projects of Reportage International, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in 2020.


To Subscribe:


ZEKE does not accept unsolicited submissions. To be considered for publication in ZEKE, submit your photographs to the SDN website either as a standard exhibit or a submission to a Call for Entries.


SDN Advisory Committee


Catherine Edelman, Chicago, IL
Director, Catherine Edelman Gallery

Lori Grinker, New York, NY
Independent Photographer and Educator

Catherine Karnow, San Francisco, CA
Independent Photographer and Educator

Ed Kashi, Montclair, NJ
Member of VII photo agency
Photographer, Filmmaker, Educator

Eric Luden, Cambridge, MA
Founder/Owner, Digital Silver Imaging

Lekgetho Makola, Johanesburg, South Africa
CEO of Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria – South Africa

Molly Roberts, Washington, DC
Independent Visual Storyteller and Producer

Jamel Shabazz, New York, NY
Independent Fine Art, Fashion and Documentary Photographer

Jeffrey D. Smith, New York NY
Director, Contact Press Images

Jamey Stillings, Sante Fe, NM
Independent Photographer

Steve Walker, Danbury, CT
Consultant and Educator

Frank Ward, Williamsburg, MA
Photographer and Educator

Amy Yenkin, New York, NY
Independent Producer and Editor


ZEKE is published twice a year by Social Documentary Network

Copyright © 2022  Social Documentary Network

Digital Silver Imaging

ZEKE magazine is published by the Social Documentary Network (SDN) |

SDN and ZEKE magazine are projects of Reportage International Inc., a nonprofit organization incorporated in Massachusetts in 2020.

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