The Campaign for ZEKE

We have learned a tremendous amount in the five years since we started publishing ZEKE magazine, but one thing is for sure, we will need the support of people like yourself who appreciate documentary photography, the global issues that we feature, and the value that ZEKE brings to this discussion.

To ensure the sustainability of ZEKE, we are launching The Campaign for ZEKE.


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Your support for this effort will make sure that we can continue to publish into the future.

There are few opportunities today to showcase documentary photography in the printed form, and ZEKE magazine is one of them. But ZEKE has always been about more than the image--we believe in using the image as a way to inform and inspire our readers about global issues that concern us all. And each issue of ZEKE contains essays providing background context and resources.

A $19 subscription to ZEKE covers less than half of our operating costs

While our subscribers and the photography community love what we are doing, publishing a print magazine about global issues cannot survive solely on the traditional revenue models of subscriptions and advertising. If it could, LIFE magazine as we know it would still be publishing today.

We currently distribute 1,100 copies of ZEKE throughout the world. These include both subscriptions and single-issue sales through bookstores and news stands. But the revenue from the sale of these copies only covers less than half the cost of actually producing the magazine.

We cannot continue to publish unless we make up this difference through other means and have therefore established The Campaign for ZEKE to enable us to sustain publishing on a regular basis. We hope you can support this fund with a generous contribution today.

ZEKE and SDN is very fortunate to now have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor, Talking Eyes Media, that will accept tax-deductible charitable contributions on our behalf. They do this because your support of ZEKE furthers their charitable mission of using media to educate people about important issues. Your support of ZEKE magazine, through Talking Eyes Media, is 100% tax-deductible.