Photo by Sheikh Rajibul Islam

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Fall 2021 Issue


ZEKE Award Winners

  • Awake in the Desert Land  by Sofia Aldinio
    This ongoing project documents how climate change is uprooting small, inland and coastal communities in Baja California, Mexico that depend directly on natural resources to survive and thereby threatening cultural heritage.

  • Path Away by Nicoló Filippo Rosso
    Two months after Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit Central America, 11 thousand people gathered in San Pedro Sula, starting the first migrants' caravan of the year directed to the U.S. The migrants’ crossing through gang-controlled areas, deserts, and jungles was made even harder by the pandemic.

Other Featured Content

  • Article by Daniela Cohen exploring migration from Central America, the factors driving hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homeland seeking a new life in North America, and the traumas along the way.

  • From Tulsa to Minneapolis: Photographing the Long Road to Justice Photographs by 27 Black photographers documenting this extraordinary time in American history. Text by Tara Pixley

  • Photography & Social Change by Emily Schiffer

  • The Emptying of the Andes Photographs by Emiliano Pinnizzotto

  • Interview with Joseph Rodriguez by Caterina Clerici

  • Book Reviews edited by Michelle Bogre