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Photo by Mustafa Bilge Satkın from Drowned History.

ZEKE magazine presents the best of global documentary photography delivered to your door, and to your digital device, twice a year. Each issue presents outstanding photography from the Social Documentary Network on topics as diverse as the war in Syria, the European migration crisis, the Bangladesh garment industry, and other issues of global concern.

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About ZEKE Magazine

Ameria Issue

Eyes On The World
Photographs from ZEKE Magazine: 2015-2022
Closing reception. Saturday, May 6, 5-8 pm
Bridge Gallery, Cambridge, MA
And online

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Spring 2023 Issue

Highlights of the Spring Issue

  • Resistance of the Native Peoples of Ecuadorian Amazon Against Extractivism by Nicola Ókin Frioli

  • Women's Bodies as Battlefield by Cinzia Canneri

  • Too Young to Fight (Ukraine) by Svet Jacqueline

  • Ukraine, Photojournalism, and the Question of Evidence by Lauren Walsh

  • Interview with Chester Higgins and Book Reviews


ZEKE is doing what we all want and need — publishing great photography about
important global issues by both established and emerging photographers from
all corners of the world.     

— Ed Kashi, Photographer

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