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Incarceration Issue: Fall 2023

What My Daughter Learns of the Sea

What My Daughter Learns of the Sea

United States

by Brian Frank

A look behind the walls of the Las Colinas women’s jail in San Diego, CA.

Still Doing Life

Still Doing Life

United States

by Howard Zehr

In the early 1990s, Howard Zehr photographed 75 men & women serving life sentences. In 2017, he revisited 22 of these same prisoners.

Life After Life in  Prison

Life After Life in Prison

United States

By Sara Bennett

Sara Bennett photographs formerly incarcerated women in their bedrooms. All were convicted of serious crimes — mostly homicide.

The Prison Within

The Prison Within

United States

by Katherin Hervey & Massimo Bardetti

Photographs taken inside San Quentin Prison contrasting the healing and community created by the men inside with the cruelty and isolation of mass incarceration.

Quests for Authenticity

Quests for Authenticity

United States

by Peter Merts

Incarcerated men and women creating and performing artworks in California prisons.

Absence of Being

Absence of Being

United States

by Michele Zousmer

Changing the perception of female detainees in a California reentry program.

More Information on the Incarceration issue available here.

Incarceration of a Nation

by Christopher Blackwell

The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, imprisoning 664 per 100,000 people. On any given day in the U.S., we imprison an estimated 1.9 million people and each year spend an estimated $182 billion on the criminal legal system.


Open Eyes Within Hidden Places

by April Harris
April Harris is an author who is incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Chino, California. Her experiences are a powerful insight to advocate for incarcerated people and the betterment of their environment.


Interview With Jamel Shabazz

by Ryan M. Moser
Jamel Shabazz, a Brooklyn-born Army veteran and master of street photography, is best known for portraying African American communities. What many do not know is that the New York City icon had a career as a correctional officer at Rikers Island and that Shabazz took photographs of the residents


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Spring 2023: ZEKE Awards

Spring 2023: ZEKE Awards

Photo by Nicola Okin Frioli from ZEKE magazine

A Document on the Resistance of the Native Peoples of Ecuadorian Amazon Against Extractivism Ecuador

by Nicola Okin Frioli

In 1964, Texaco (now Chevron), arrived in Ecuador with a concession of 1.5 million hectares.

Photo by by Mustafa Bilge Satkin from ZEKE magazine

Drowned History | Turkey
by Mustafa Bilge Satkin

The construction of the Ilısu Dam in Turkey had devastating impacts on the local community and environment in the Dicle Valley.

Photo by Svet Jacqueline from ZEKE magazine

Too Young to Fight | Ukraine

by Svet Jacqueline

The lives of Ukrainian children since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022

Photo by Cinzia Canneri from ZEKE Magazine

Women's Bodies as Battlefield Ethiopia

by Cinzia Canneri

This project analyses the condition of Eritrean and Tigrinya women who moved across the borders of three countries geopolitically linked: Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan. 

Photo by Nyani Quarmyne from ZEKE magazine

Connecting the Caucasus | Georgia

by Nyani Quarmyne

Aiming to boost tourism by getting businesses online, a group of volunteers set out to bring the Internet to the Caucasus Mountains.

Photo by Michael O. Snyder from ZEKE magazine

The Queens of Queen City
Maryland, US

by Michael O. Snyder

A documentary project exploring the courage, risks, and repercussions of openly expressing LGBTQ identities in rural, conservative America

Jean Ross_Displaced-1.jpg

Displaced | Georgia

by Jean Ross

Long before the invasion of Ukraine, Russian military forces intervened in multiple wars in Georgia; first in Abkhazia in the early 1990s and later in South Ossetia. 

Photo by Rasha Al Jundi from ZEKE magazine

Red Soil: Colonial Legacy in Maasai Land | Kenya

by Rasha Al Jundi

This is a story that spans generations. About the man in a redshuka, and the woman with a beaded necklace. Indigenous peoples, once mighty, controlling territories that spanned borders...

Photo by David Gutenfelder from ZEKE magazine

Picturing Atrocity: Ukraine, 
Photojournalism, and the Question of Evidence

by Lauren Walsh

This essay explores these questions through the lens of photographing atrocity in one of the deadliest conflicts in Europe since World War II.

Interview with Chester Higgins

by Daniela Cohen

Chester Higgins, Jr. has spent over five decades documenting the African American experience while also working as a photographer at the New York Times for nearly forty years.


Book Review: Chris Killip

by Michelle Bogre
Killip’s black and white images, a mix of portraiture and candid reportage, are an empathetic rendering of working class life in 1970s and 1980s Britain


Profile: Cinizia Canneri

by Daniela Cohen
For Canneri, it is important to document women’s strength, as they raise their children and support each other across ethnicities.

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