Photos from the Spring 2022 issue of ZEKE: Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis

ZEKE magazine presents the best of global documentary photography delivered to your door, and to your digital device, twice a year. Each issue presents outstanding photography from the Social Documentary Network on topics as diverse as the war in Syria, the European migration crisis, the Bangladesh garment industry, and other issues of global concern.

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Exhibition of ZEKE Award for
Systemic Change winners

July 5-31
The Umbrella Arts Center, 
Concord, MA

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"Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis"
by Antonia Juhasz
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Spring 2022 issue of ZEKE features sustainable solutions to the climate crisis with projects by Kiliii Yuyan, Giacomo d'Orlando, Sarah Fretwell, and an article on solutions to the climate crisis by veteran climate 
journalist Antonia Juhasz.

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But ZEKE is more than a photography magazine. We collaborate with journalists who explore these issues in depth­—not only because it is important to see the details, but also to know the political and cultural background of global issues that require our attention and action.

SDN is taking the very best stories from our website and bringing them to life on paper. There is nothing like the experience of seeing documentary images large and beautifully printed in a high quality magazine that you can hold in your hands and appreciate for years to come.


ZEKE is doing what we all want and need — publishing great photography about
important global issues by both established and emerging photographers from
all corners of the world.     

— Ed Kashi, Photographer