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Fall 2023
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Fall 2022: The America Issue
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For eight years, ZEKE magazine has been publishing stories about the global human condition, but rarely has that involved the United States. Clearly the U.S. is part of the global community and we need to look at ourselves as much as we critically look at other parts of the world. The Fall 2022 issue of ZEKE focuses on “America” and takes inspiration from Robert Frank's seminal work, The Americans, published first in 1958 in France and the following year in the U.S.

Highlights include:

Also included:


Spring 2022: Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis
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Guest Editor: Michael O. Snyder

ZEKE Award for Systemic Change winners

  • Indigenous Fire » by Kiliii Yuyan
    The Indigenous Peoples' Burn Network is training others in an ancient technique of ecological restoration, which is to safely light low-intensity fires in wet seasons that remove the small fuels on the forest floor.

  • Nemo's Garden » by Giacomo d'Orlando
    Nemo’s Garden—the world’s first underwater greenhouses of terrestrial plants—represents an alternative farming system dedicated to those areas where environmental conditions make the growth of plants almost impossible. 

Other Featured Content

  • Permagarden Refugees
 » by Sarah Fretwell 
    The Palabek refugee settlement in Northern Uganda, with the staff of African Women Rising’s (AWR) Permagarden Program, works with refugees to utilize the existing resources—seeds, rainfall, limited land, and “waste”—and together build an agriculture system designed to help the environment regenerate and get stronger as it matures.

  • Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis » by Antonia Juhasz

  • Interview with Kiliii Yuyan » by Caterina Clerici

  • Dispatches from Ukraine by Maranie Staab

  • Book Reviews Edited by Michelle Bogre

ZEKE Cover, Fall 2021 issue

Fall 2021
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ZEKE Award Winners

  • Awake in the Desert Land  by Sofia Aldinio
    This ongoing project documents how climate change is uprooting small, inland and coastal communities in Baja California, Mexico that depend directly on natural resources to survive and thereby threatening cultural heritage.

  • Path Away by Nicolò Filippo Rosso
    Two months after Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit Central America, 11 thousand people gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, starting the first migrants' caravan of the year directed to the U.S. The migrants’ crossing through gang-controlled areas, deserts, and jungles was made even harder by the pandemic.

Other Featured Content

ZEKE. Spring 2021 issue

Spring 2021

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        Guest Editor: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

  • Rohingya. Photographs by Turjoy Chowdhury, Sarika Gulati, Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Richard Juilliart

  • Climate Crisis. Photographs by MD Sazzadul Alam, Saud A. Faisal, Moniruzzaman Sazal

  • Covid. Photographs by Nazmul Hassan Shanji

  • Domestic Violence. Photographs by Khaled Hassan and Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati


U N I T E D   S T A T E S




Fall 2020

Entire issue

  • Last Wildest Place by Jason Houston exploring the Purús-Manu region in southeastern Peru—home to perhaps the highest concentration of isolated tribes on Earth.

  • Cousins by Kristen Emack explore the lives four Black girls—her daughter and three cousins—as they have matured and the intimate and spiritual knowledge that is both ordinary and extraordinary.

  • Pandemic in Focus. Thirty four photographers from around the globe present their work exploring the global pandemic

  • Black Lives Matter. Five photographers present photos from BLM demonstrations across the US.

  • What is Documentary? Michelle Bogre explores this question in an essay adapted from her book Documentary Reconsidered.

  • Book reviewsadditional articles, and more...


Spring 2020

Special issue on Africa featuring work by photographers living and working in Africa today.

Entire issue. 

Contents (underlined articles are available as individual downloads)

  • Godmothers of War (Mozambique) by Amilton Neves

  • City Entrapped (Egypt) by Amina Kadous

  • Among You (Morocco) by M'hammed Kilito

  • Nation Forgotten (Nigeria) by Omoregie Osakpolor

  • Soweto Punk (South Africa) by Miora Rajaonary

  • Other Worlds (Mali) by Moussa Kalapo

  • Un/Settled (South Africa) by Sydelle Willow-Smith

  • #BlackDragMagic (South Africa) by Lee-Ann Olwage

  • Interview with Côte d'Ivoire photographer Joana Choumali by Caterina Clerici

  • Africa's Visual Vernacular by Uche Okpa-Iroha

  • Book Reviews

  • And more...


Fall 2019: ZEKE Award Winners and more...


Spring 2019: Roma & Travellers


Fall 2018 issue: Documentary in the Era of Post-Truth


Spring 2018: The Women's Issue

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Fall 2017 Issue


Spring 2017 Issue


Fall 2016 Issue


Spring 2016 Issue


Fall 2015 Issue


Spring 2015 Issue:



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